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Re: [discuss] Unofficial minutes June 11 1999 Names Council Meeting


Your views, it is my impression, and I might be wrong, are usually
different from those of corporate IP lawyers and those expressed by the
WIPO report.

I did not intend to imply anything about the members of the Names Council,
who belong to very different backgrounds. I am just not aware of other
positions similar to yours in WG A (and I don't know everybody in the WG),
and I therefore think that your input for the WG will be very valuable.


At 11:16 18/06/99 -0400, you wrote:
>On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Javier wrote:
>> In spite of the fact that we probably disagree on some policy issues, I am
>> very happy to see you participate in this process and in the working
>> groups. It is important that dissenting views participate in Working
>> Groups, to assure that the output of the WGs is as close as possible to
>> consensus.
>I cannot resist noting that the suggestion that my views will somehow be
>"dissenting" appears to pre-suppose knowledge about the conclusions to be
>reached by these groups... 
>While I do not mean by this to suggest that the result is in fact "fixed"
>in the sense of already having been written out, it does appear to reflect
>an intelligent person's reasoned understanding of how the voting will work
>out given the composition of the Names council.  Which is precisely the
>problem, and why a focus on procedures IS substance....
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