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Michaels Sondows translation of Javiers comments was:Re: [IFWP] Re: [discuss] Unofficial minutes June 11 1999 Names Council Meeting


  I am afraid I must completely agree with Michaels "loose translation"
of Javier's comments here...

  Nicely done here Michael!

Michael Sondow wrote:

> Javier wrote (to Michael Froomkin):
> >
> > The calendar that has been
> > developed does not include any decision making processes until:
> >
> > 1) There has been a public comment period on every issue.
> Translation: The usual tiresome rigmarole of pretending to want
> comments
> will have to be gone through (although none but those that agree
> with the already-made decisions of the Board and its representatives
> in the DNSO will have any attention payed them) in order to be able
> to claim, for PR purposes, that this process is still an open one.
> > 2) All Constituencies have had a chance to elect their representatives.
> Translation: Once the memberships of the constituencies have been
> manipulated by the use of undemocratic tactics like those employed
> during last Friday's teleconference, dissenting elements excluded or
> frightened into submission by slander and intimidation, and the
> constituencies safely made up of supporters of the policy positions
> of ISOC/CORE/INTA and the ICANN Board, they will be allowed to elect
> Names Council members who will re-affirm me, Javier Sola, and my
> friends in their current positions of illegitimate authority.
> > In spite of the fact that we probably disagree on some policy issues,
> > I am very happy to see you participate in this process and in the > working groups.
> Translation: I really don't care what you say, Mr. Froomkin, so long
> as you say it to me, thereby recognizing my authority and helping to
> legitimize it.
> > It is important that dissenting views participate in Working
> > Groups, to assure that the output of the WGs is as close as possible
> > to consensus.
> Translation: We need a few people like you as a loyal opposition.
> Thanks for your willingness to be exploited for our purposes.
> > Just for clarification, I have never intended to relate your name to
> > any company. If it has sounded this way, it has been my mistake.
> Translation: Now that you have agreed to come over to our side and
> help us, I won't attack you and slander you any more.


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