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Re: [discuss] Unofficial minutes June 11 1999 Names Council Meeting

Javier and all,

 I agree with you compleatly here Javier.  However in order to have
accuracy, one must FIRST and foremost have openness.  This is, or
does not appear to be the case with the PNC (non-elected?) in it's
current position and actions, to be doing very well.  As many of
you know, have outlined these points, and also pointed them our 
clearly in comments sent to the DNSO as well as the ICANN (Initial?) 
Interim board.  Many of these comments contained questions that have yet
to be answered by the ICANN (initial?) Interim Board.  W [INEGroup]
have some 47 question that are outstanding to date, as an example,
and Ralph Nader and Jamie Loves questions were met with attack language
from Esther Dyson, rather than the clear and concise answers that 
Ralph Nader and Jamie Love ask for.

  Javier speeks here in regards to the mandate of the ICANN (Initial?)
INterim board as though the were elected board members.  Let us not
forget that this ICANN (Initial?) Interim Board is NOT elected under
their requirements of the White Paper, nor their own bylaws, of which 
the bylaws themselves are under some dispute.  Hence to refer to a 
"Mandate" from that very ICANN (Initial?) Interim Board is questionable 
to say the least.  There fore Javier's conclusion is certianly in 
jeopardy.  Hence as such, it would seem that his conclusion in his 
post (See below) as to being "operational", is questionable at best.

Javier wrote:

> Tony,
> I share your concern for openess, but in addition to it I do have another
> one for accuracy.
> My intention, and that of most members of the Names Council (I believe, I
> do not speak for them) is to follow the mandate of the ICANN Board, which
> includes bending over backwards for openess, but also for being operational.
> Javier


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