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Re: [discuss] Unofficial minutes June 11 1999 Names Council Meeting

Tony and all,

  Tony, I would not fret to much about Javier's misleading attempts to
demonize your or what you stand for.  I believe that most folks on this
list understand very clearly and are capable of making their own

  This sort of ranting from Javier is beginning to tell even more
how corrupt and attemptingly disruptive the ISOC and the ICANN

A.M. Rutkowski wrote:

> >For the record, Tony, are you here representing yourself or NSi?
> Javier,
> The questions raised are significant ones that are related
> to the formation and deliberations of any body - which you
> still fail to answer.
> As purported chair of this group, I would expect more
> neutral behavior on your part.
> For the record, I've been dealing with the legal and public
> policy issues associated with domain names since 1992, and
> raising similar concerns. http://www.wia.org/pub/1992_pleading.htm
> History is just repeating itself.
> This has nothing to do with any of my clients or organizations
> with which I am affiliated.  I do, however, regard NSI as
> a fine company with wonderful people and advocating the
> public policy positions with which I strongly agree.
> --tony


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