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[Fwd: [IFWP] Re: [discuss] Re: Whose Domain Is It Anyway? Nader, NSI Want To Know]

Milton and all,

Milton Mueller wrote:

> Kent:
> I was in Berlin. You were not.
> The two or three speakers who spoke out against NSI having additional seats
> were all CORE members. The session is on record, by the way.

  Milton is correct here.  Kent has a long history of exagorating or
streching the truth when it suits his purpose.  This is no exception.

> It should be noted that all of the Names Council seats from the registry
> constituency are from CORE. CORE and NSI are two commercial entities with
> an economic interest in the domain name registration business. If NSI
> cannot have three seats, then neither should CORE be able to. If it is OK
> for one business association to control three seats from a constituency
> (and I think it is), then the rule must be applied consistently.

  CORE has all along been determined to capture as much control
or the ICANN and more specifically the Registrar and Registry industry
collectively.  This was the central scheam of the gTLD-MoU.  Kent
Crispin amongst others, has been and remains a stuanch suporter
of this scheam.

> As an institution, ICANN needs to be able to rise above CORE-NSI
> factionalism. It has to apply its rules impartially, and develop its
> policies in a way that fosters consensus.

  I think you are missing the bigger picture from a ICANN (initial?) Interim
Board standpoint.  They don't WANT to have any consensus that can
be measured, only declaired.  Again much like the gTLD-MoU/CORE.

> Kent Crispin wrote:
> > No.  It is not.  The public opinion I refer to is that expressed
> > during the Berlin meeting, where a *number* of speakers stood at the
> > mikes and told the Interim Board on no uncertain terms that there was
> > no way that NSI should be able to nominate 3 Names Council Members.
> > As a result of that strongly expressed public opinion the Board
> > amended its original position, which would have given NSI the right
> > to pick three Names Council Members.  To be blunt, a lot of people
> > were simply outraged that NSI should have that much influence on the
> > Names Council.
> >
> > The Board TO ITS CREDIT amended its previous position because of this
> > public input.
> >
> > That is precisely what happened at Berlin.  It's a matter of public
> > record -- you can watch the real video yourself.
> >
> > NSI now says it is going to give those extra seats to "worthy
> >
> > NSI is simply using this as a PR ploy.
> >
> > These are the facts.
> >
> > [...]
> >
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