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[discuss] Re: [IDNO:321] a democracy can defend itself

On Mon, Jun 14, 1999 at 01:26:36PM +1200, Joop Teernstra wrote:
> Dear members,
> In case anyone needs more convincing of the hostile intent of our "guests"
> from the registrar constituency, please note that Mr Crispin posted my
> entire message to the dnso list, from where it went to the ifwp list and
> was further embellished with sarcastic comment from Mr Crocker.

Joop, you are, according to everything you have said in the past, a
true believer in democracy, open and transparent processes, and free
discourse.  I am frankly amazed that you could even consider keeping 
this discussion secret from the rest of the world.  In my opinion,
people really need to see how things are being conducted on your list.

> >In light of that statement, the attached message from Joop Teernstra
> >on the idno list is most interesting.  I note that both Dave Crocker
> >and myself *are* individual domain name owners, and fully entitled,
> >by any definition, to participate in the list.  And I hardly need to
> >point out that such behavior seriously undermines the credibility of
> >the IDNO...hopefully Joop will realize that before too long.=20
> >
> >For reference, in case anyone needs to check, I have placed the
> >relevant email messages at http://songbird.com/kent/idno (it isn't
> >all that difficult to create an archive...)
> For that kind of flagrant disregard for list-rules anyone will get kicked
> off, not just from our list. 

I scanned the web site; I found no rules concerning the list whatsoever.
The only mention of the list was this:

  You are encouraged to subscribe to our mailing list,
  idno@radix.co.nz by sending an email message to
  listmanager@radix.co.nz In the body of the message write: subscribe

  This list implements a policy of maintaining civil discourse. 
  Non-members who wish to post their opinions would help the clarity
  of the discussion by providing a brief introduction of their
  position, especially if they are partisans for other

There is no information concerning what is meant by "civil
discourse", nor is there any indication of where I might find out
anything about it.

> ISOC members may want to tell us how the ISOC list would deal with such
> behaviour.
> For those who need to be reminded,

Since I have never seen any of this before, I can hardly be reminded.

> 1. this list is a volunteer effort by unpaid people. Please respect it.  It
> is the only resource for communication and organizing effort of the IDNO
> constituency.  Having a Domain Name does not give you a licence to disrupt
> the efforts of other DN owners to organize.
> 2. this list is moderated. Such is announced on our webpage. The moderation
> is intended to be light and tolerant, and it does not mean pre-vetting of
> messages by the moderator(s).  In cases of abuse, it can mean a call for
> partial or total ostracism, delivered by democratic majority vote by the
> IDNO members on this list.
> 3. Observe normal netiquette. This means: absolutely no reposting of
> private messages. It also means: no reposting of list messages elsewhere
> without permission of the author.
> 4. Try to avoid ad hominem arguments and refrain from insults. Insulting
> people is a way of shutting them up.
> If any listmember feels insulted by another listmember, the offended party
> should complain to the listowner(s) , not to the list.

There is absolutely no question that you have insulted me.  I will 
send a complaint to the list owner...

> The listowner will then request the offender to apologize. Refusal to do so
> will be dealt with by a vote of the IDNO members on the list.
> 5. Non-members are the guests of IDNO and should be especially sensitive to
> the rules. 

Perhaps you should post the rules on the web site?

Kent Crispin                               "Do good, and you'll be
kent@songbird.com                           lonesome." -- Mark Twain