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[discuss] Reminder about discuss@dnso.org

 |  Bienvenue sur le serveur majordomo@dnso.org.
 |  Thank you for joining the public mailing list, discuss@dnso.org.
 |  This list was established to discuss issues related to the
 |  DNSO (Domain Name Supporting Organization of ICANN).
 |  In order to provide a useful forum for the exchange of information and
 |  opinion, this list will be governed by the following guidelines:
 |  --Limit comments to those related to the topic of the DNSO
 |  --Consider this list precious, and take care of it.
 |  --Consider time necessary to read all comments, especially
 |    for non native English speakers.
 |  --Respect other participants, do not insult anybody.
 |  --Do not cross-post messages.
 |  --Do not post advertisements.
 |  Anybody can subscribe to this list, however, the Names Council reserves
 |  the right to remove subscribers from the list -after a warning- if they use
 |  the list to slander or insult others.
 |  Discussion is archived on the web site
 |  We hope you will find this list usefull.

DNSO Listadmin