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[discuss] Re: [IFWP] RE: Next Names Council Meeting

Karl and all,

  I believe that if my schedule permits I will attend also.  However on
this coming monday I shall call a friend of mine at the California
state atty. General's office to request he have several state police
officers or a representative of the Atty's. Generals office attend
as well.  This should assist in keeping the PNC on a even and honest

  However I may be in need of a bail bondsman as well as Mr. Sola and I
have some, shall we say, rather personal discussions (Read attitude
adjustment) to attend to as well.  >;)

Karl Auerbach wrote:

> > >>In any case, there will be a Names Council meeting on June 25 in San Jose.
> I will be present.
> I will be admitted.
> I will participate according to the rights and privileges granted to me
> under the Bylaws of ICANN and the laws of the State of California.
>                 --karl--


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