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Re: [discuss] Next Names Council Meeting

At 11:09 PM 6/12/99 -0700, Kent Crispin wrote:
>In light of that statement, the attached message from Joop Teernstra
>on the idno list is most interesting.  I note that both Dave Crocker
>and myself *are* individual domain name owners, and fully entitled,
>by any definition, to participate in the list.  And I hardly need to
>point out that such behavior seriously undermines the credibility of
>the IDNO...hopefully Joop will realize that before too long.

Besides pretty seriously misquoting me, the proposal is astonishing in that 
a plea to turn away from bashing and to focus on the constructive work of 
the IDNO activity, is taken as some sort of subversive effort.  Really 
quite amazing.

I guess that bashing other groups IS considered a productive activity for a 
DNSO constituency?


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