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Re: [discuss] Next Names Council Meeting

Andy and all,

  No Andy you are not the only one that thinks that things are being done
here all backwards.  Not by a darn site!  >;)  However it seems that
Mr. Sola is a somewhat backwards individual to some extent anyway.

Andy Gardner wrote:

> Javier SOLA <javier@aui.es> said:
> >The agreement was that all meetings will be kept open if possible. Our only
> >concern is disruption. If there is disruption that does not permit the
> >meeting, we would try to remove only disruptive individuals, if this is not
> >enough, we would only close the meetings as a last resort. We really hope
> >that this will not happen. We will have to see how we handle
> >teleconferences, as there is a cost problem involved in not knowing how
> >many people would join.
> I'm sorry?
> I know loads of businesses that are becoming more efficient by using tools
> available on the Internet to reduce their overheads, including
> telecommunications costs.
> You're running an organisation that is at the heart of the Internet, and
> you're restricting participation in teleconferences due a "cost problem".
> You're holding meetings at all four corners of the world instead of holding
> them on the best communications medium available _ever_.
> Am I the only one here that thinks you're doing it all backwards?
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