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Re: [dnso.discuss] Re: [IFWP] Re: [discuss] Next Names Council Meeting

Richard and all,

  Well it sounds like Mr. Sola has a personal or philosophical beef with you
Richard.  That is usually a good indication of lack of emotional maturity...
Not to mention to kick you off in 15 seconds was totally out of line!

Richard J. Sexton wrote:

> At 11:38 PM 6/12/99 GMT, William X. Walsh wrote:
> >On Sun, 13 Jun 1999 01:24:58 +0200, Javier SOLA <javier@aui.es> wrote:
> >
> >>Anthony,
> >>
> >>The agreement was that all meetings will be kept open if possible. Our only
> >>concern is disruption. If there is disruption that does not permit the
> >>meeting, we would try to remove only disruptive individuals, if this is not
> >>enough, we would only close the meetings as a last resort. We really hope
> >>that this will not happen. We will have to see how we handle
> >>teleconferences, as there is a cost problem involved in not knowing how
> >>many people would join.
> >>
> >>It should be very clear that by disruption we do not mean censorship,
> >>Disruption means not allowing the meeting to take place by constantly
> >>talking out of turn, interrupting others or being generally disruptive in
> >>any other way. Disruptive in form, not on contents.
> >>
> >>All this should be in the minutes when they are posted.
> >
> >The problem here Javier is the propensity of people such as you to
> >consider any criticisms from those outside your own "thought camps" to
> >be "disruptive."
> >
> >Personally, I don't trust YOU to make that determination.
> I tried to participate as an observer in the NC telecon that
> was officially charied by Thersa sombody, didn't say anything
> and Javier kicked me off after 15 seconds.
> Shame on you Javier.
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