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Re: [discuss] Next Names Council Meeting

Javier SOLA <javier@aui.es> said:

>The agreement was that all meetings will be kept open if possible. Our only
>concern is disruption. If there is disruption that does not permit the
>meeting, we would try to remove only disruptive individuals, if this is not
>enough, we would only close the meetings as a last resort. We really hope
>that this will not happen. We will have to see how we handle
>teleconferences, as there is a cost problem involved in not knowing how
>many people would join.

I'm sorry?

I know loads of businesses that are becoming more efficient by using tools
available on the Internet to reduce their overheads, including
telecommunications costs.

You're running an organisation that is at the heart of the Internet, and
you're restricting participation in teleconferences due a "cost problem".
You're holding meetings at all four corners of the world instead of holding
them on the best communications medium available _ever_.

Am I the only one here that thinks you're doing it all backwards?

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