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Re: [dnso.discuss] Re: [discuss] Next Names Council Meeting

Randy and all,

  Well Randy I am very surprised at you in this instance.  Strict is fine
and a good thing where appropriate.  But fair  and open are also
as important as well.  You should know this!

  BTW, your response to william was also an ad hominem attack as well.
I don't find in this instance that William's comments were...  Although
he does have a long history of doing so.  This was NOT one of those times.

Randy Bush wrote:

> > The problem here Javier is the propensity of people such as you to
> > consider any criticisms from those outside your own "thought camps" to
> > be "disruptive."
> >
> > Personally, I don't trust YOU to make that determination.
> that's ad hominem attack number two for the day.  and a weekend no less.
> indeed, sr. sola probably can not be trusted.  trusted to be strict enough
> for my personal tastes, that is.  so ...
> <plonk>     [ that is net.speak for placing someone in one's mail filter ]
> randy
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