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Re: [discuss] Next Names Council Meeting

On Sun, 13 Jun 1999 01:24:58 +0200, Javier SOLA <javier@aui.es> wrote:

>The agreement was that all meetings will be kept open if possible. Our only
>concern is disruption. If there is disruption that does not permit the
>meeting, we would try to remove only disruptive individuals, if this is not
>enough, we would only close the meetings as a last resort. We really hope
>that this will not happen. We will have to see how we handle
>teleconferences, as there is a cost problem involved in not knowing how
>many people would join.
>It should be very clear that by disruption we do not mean censorship,
>Disruption means not allowing the meeting to take place by constantly
>talking out of turn, interrupting others or being generally disruptive in
>any other way. Disruptive in form, not on contents.
>All this should be in the minutes when they are posted.

The problem here Javier is the propensity of people such as you to
consider any criticisms from those outside your own "thought camps" to
be "disruptive."   

Personally, I don't trust YOU to make that determination.

William X. Walsh
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The Law is not your mommy or daddy to go crying
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