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[discuss] Re: Whose Domain Is It Anyway? Nader, NSI Want To Know

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999 07:15:36 -0700, Kent Crispin <kent@SONGBIRD.COM>

>On Sat, Jun 12, 1999 at 06:14:11AM +0000, William X. Walsh wrote:
>> On Fri, 11 Jun 1999 22:43:00 -0700, Kent Crispin <kent@SONGBIRD.COM>
>> wrote:
>> >Yes, it was NSI that was booted.  The ICANN board modified their
>> >original position in response to widely held public opinion (just as
>> >you claim they never do), and restricted NSI to one seat.
>> I take GREAT offense in your characterization here Kent!
>> The widely held public opinion you quote here is ONLY the opinion of
>> the majority of the rest of the so called Names Council,
>No.  It is not.  The public opinion I refer to is that expressed
>during the Berlin meeting, where a *number* of speakers stood at the
>mikes and told the Interim Board on no uncertain terms that there was
>no way that NSI should be able to nominate 3 Names Council Members.
>As a result of that strongly expressed public opinion the Board
>amended its original position, which would have given NSI the right
>to pick three Names Council Members.  To be blunt, a lot of people
>were simply outraged that NSI should have that much influence on the
>Names Council.

So your view is limited only to those who were able to make ANOTHER
trip to ANOTHER location and attend YET another face to face meeting.
As far as you are concerned, the physical participants are the only
participants, and that is the problem with your narrow views, and your
narrow mind.

>The Board TO ITS CREDIT amended its previous position because of this
>public input.
>That is precisely what happened at Berlin.  It's a matter of public
>record -- you can watch the real video yourself.
>NSI now says it is going to give those extra seats to "worthy
>NSI is simply using this as a PR ploy.
>These are the facts.

The fact is that the gTLD constituency should have an EQUAL vote with
the other constituencies.  The limit of 1 person per org or company
should be enforced.  None of the groups selected by NSI to name a
representative were beholden to NSI in any way.

Lets not mention how many of the current so called Names Council share
organizational membership......And gee..I wonder what organzations
they happen to have in common............

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"Let the people think they govern and they will be governed."
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