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[discuss] Re: [IFWP] Does NSI need to sign ICANN's registrar accreditation guidelines?

Gordon and all,

  I too was not able to find any of the definitive statements on any of the
Berlin archives that specifically states that NSI or for that matter
any other "Registrar" must be "Accredited".  I would also point out that
Mike Roberts statement(S) regarding ICANN and the Singapore
"Consensus" are false and were reported as such in WIred at the time.

Gordon Cook wrote:

> from the real time scribes notes from berlin
> * George Conrades: Why does NSI refuse to sign up as
> accredited registrar?
>               * David Johnson: Objects to that requirement as criteria for
> participation in that constituency, didn't say in the
>    meeting that they would not sign up.
>               * Dennis Jennings: Willing to undertake work suggested.
>               * Louie: NSI said they would not sign the registrar
> accreditation guidelines.
>               * Becky Burr: Amendment 11 says that NSI clearly needs to be
> accredited following the testbed. Signing the
>    accreditation agreement is the way to get accredited.
>               * David Johnson: Question is about criteria for registrar
> constituency where the issue of contracts could be
>    discussed. Why can ICANN make a registrar agree to contractual terms
> specified unilaterally by ICANN?
>               * Conrades: "If you don't believe in the legitimacy of ICANN,
> you are wasting a hell of a lot of our time." "If you don't  sign up to be a
> registrar, then you won't be."
>               * Johnson: NSI does believe in the importance of building
> ICANN into a consensus-based standard-setting body.
>    Problem here is constituency process that NSI opposed in Paris draft.
> Also faulty definition of gTLD constituency. NSI is not  taking the position
> that it should not make any payment to ICANN. Costs should be allocated
> across IP and domain name registries based on cost.
>               * Roberts: DNSO structure implemented based on consensus
> proposal from Singapore.
> ====
> cook:  becky said: Amendment 11 says that NSI clearly needs to be
> accredited following the testbed. Signing the
>    accreditation agreement is the way to get accredited.
> ====
> http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/proposals/docnsi100698.htm   says
> 3.By March 31, 1999, NSI will establish a test bed supporting actual
> registrations in .com, .net and .org by 5 registrars
>                               accredited by NewCo (Accredited Registrars).
> (Phase 1)
>                            4.By June 1, 1999, the Shared Registration
> System will be deployed by NSI and available to support multiple licensed
>                               Accredited Registrars offering registration
> services within the gTLDs for which NSI now acts as a registry. (Phase 2)
>                            5.By October 1, 1999, NSI will have completed
> reengineering of NSI's registry/registrar interface and back end systems
>                               so as to assure that NSI, acting as registry,
> shall give all licensed Accredited Registrars (including NSI acting as
>                               registrar) equivalent access ("equal access")
> to registry services through the Shared Registration System. (Phase 3)
> Cook has Question:  I fail to find any language here that says NSI must be
> a new co or ICANN accredited registrar.  someone please show me specific
> language pointiong out what i am missing.  Note that language says
> "all licensed Accredited Registrars (including NSI acting as registrar)"
> note that the words are:
> NSI acting as registrar
> the word accredited is missing
> i'd say the Wilmer cutler pickering attorney named Burr goofed
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