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[discuss] Re: Boycot Register.com to:Re: Register.com as Testbed & T&C's (Long)

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999 16:50:22 +0100, Jeff Williams
<jwkckid1@IX.NETCOM.COM> wrote:

>Further we find that NSI is still a far
>better alternative as a result of these reasons (See above).

NSI is only better because they made sure that this was not true
competition, by placing restrictions on registrars that insure that
the registrars cannot being even the smallest level of competition to

NSI benefits from the prepay rule, because the vast majority of
registrations are processed by third parties(ISPs) on behalf of their
customers, and they are not about to tie up their capital in $70
registration fees paid in advance.

NSI knows the millions of dollars the ISPs generate in registration
revenue for them, and in this seemingly innocuous rule, they have made
sure those ISPs will continue to use their registrar over all others.

To call this competition is an affront to the principle of true
competitive markets.  Competition does not happen when one of the
competitors gets to set the terms under which its competitors can

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