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[council] Jeff Neuman: Response to your posting on the NC List

Posted from the GA list

Jeff Neuman wrote:
Tuesday, October 22, 2002 5:37 AM
Subject: Response to your posting on the NC List


Forgive my posting to the GA list, but I wanted to respond to your note to
the Names Council, but I do not have posting privileges to that list
(although I have cc'd the Secretariat who I would hope would post this note

I have reproduced your note below this e-mail for the people on this list
that have not seen your note.

One of the problems in your logic seems to stem from the fact that you are
assuming that just because a person who serves on a Task Force is from a
particular constituency, that whatever that person states on a call, or
writes in an e-mail, or puts into a document, is the "position of the
constituency."  That may be how it works in other constituencies, but that
is not the way it works in the Registry Constituency.

As a member of the Transfer Task Force, I have repeatedly stated over and
over again that the views I am representing are my own based on my
experience in working with registries and NOT the view of the Registry
Constituency.  In addition, I have stated on numerous occasions that the
Registry Constituency (as well as the other constituencies and the GA) as a
whole needed to review the Task Force Report and that they in fact may
disagree with a lot of what has been said.  They should be allowed to do so
and not be chastised by others for expressing a differing viewpoint than my

Yes, I have kept them informed about what has been going on and yes, at
times I have solicited their help with certain issues -- But not with every
issue and not with every statement that is made on a call or in an e-mail.
The reason the constituency selects a person to serve on the Task Force is
because not every member of the constituency has the time to work on every
issue while the Task Force is drafting a report.  The work needs to be
spread out among the individuals serving in the constituency.  Once the
report is drafted, only then do most of the members of the constituency have
time to address the work of the Task Force.  If they disagree with the Task
Force's recommendations, so be it.  They have every right to.

So, please do not argue that the constituencies are "changing their
positions" because they have not.  Constituencies have an opportunity to
comment after the TF Report is released, not necessarily before.


Jeffrey J. Neuman

P.S.  This posting is my own personal posting and is NOT made on behalf of
the constituency.  In addition, to avoid any confusion, it is not made on
behalf of NeuStar, Inc.  I hate having to put these disclaimers, but
unfortunately it appears necessary.

 DNSO Secretariat

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