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[council] ERC: Charts, individual participation

Dear all,

I have prepared some charts to illustrate the 2 October 
ERC recommendations. As usual, they're an (unofficial)
help to clarify things a bit; if you think you have
found a mistake, please let me know.

The URL is http://www.icannchannel.de/erc-02oct.pdf
(PDF file, 290 kB). If you're on a slow connection,
a 62 kB zipped PDF file is available at

It consists of the following eight pages:

- Proposed new ICANN structure
- The ICANN Nominating Committee
- The GNSO Council
- The GNSO Council (transitional)
- GNSO Policy Development Process
- GNSO Policy Development: Task force approach
- GNSO Policy Development: Approach without task forces
- Reconsideration, review and ombudsman


Regarding individual participation, this ERC recommendation
- does not mention the creation of a place for individual 
  domain name holders in the GNSO
- proposes "that in the steady-state future there be no 
  GNSO General Assembly"
- replaces the seats for individual domain name holders
  on the NomCom with ALAC seats (where ALAC members
  are appointed by the Board)
- abolishes the right of individuals to raise issues in
  the GNSO proposed by the Names Policy Development
  Assistance Group (see proposed Bylaws, Annex A, 1)

In other words, it fails to provide individual users and
domain name registrants with a voice and a seat at the
table. Very disappointing.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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