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[council] NC teleconf minutes September 26, 2002

[To: council@dnso.org]

Dear Council members,

Please find below the minutes of the teleconference, 26 September, 2002.
Please inform me of any changes you would like made.

Thank you,
DNSO Secretariat

DNSO Names Council Teleconference on 26 September 2002 - minutes
27 September 2002.

Proposed agenda and related documents
List of attendees:

Elisabeth Porteneuve   ccTLD
Oscar Robles Garay     ccTLD absent, apologies, proxy to Elisabeth
Philip Sheppard        Business
Marilyn Cade           Business
Grant Forsyth          Business
Greg Ruth              ISPCP absent, apologies, proxy to Antonio Harris
Antonio Harris         ISPCP
Tony Holmes            ISPCP absent, apologies, proxy to Antonio Harris
Philipp Grabensee      Registrars
Ken Stubbs             Registrars
Bruce Tonkin           Registrars
Roger Cochetti         gTLD
Jordyn Buchanan        gTLD
Cary Karp              gTLD
Ellen Shankman         IP
Laurence Djolakian     IP absent
J. Scott Evans         IP
Harold Feld            NCDNH
Chun Eung Hwi          NCDNH
Erick Iriate           NCDNH absent, apologies, proxy to Harold Feld

15 Names Council Members

Glen de Saint Géry     NC Secretary
Philippe Renaut          MP3 Recording Engineer/Secretariat

MP3 recording of the meeting by the

Approval of agenda:


Item 2: Confirm the voting results of the ICANN Board election

The Secretary read the list of names and the vote of each member.
Alejandro Pisanty 15 votes, YJ Park 2 votes, 2 abstentions, 1ballot not
at close of vote. Ken Stubbs proposed the motion:
that the votes be ratified by the Names Council that Alejandro Pisanty is
elected as ICANN Board Member

seconded by Elisabeth Porteneuve.
A formal notification would be sent to the ICANN Board, announcing the

The vote was unanimously ratified by the Council.

Decision 1: Approval of the Names Council vote: Alejandro Pisanty elected as
ICANN Board Member.

Item 2. Brief discussion of resolutions up for vote on 27 September 2002


Ken Stubbs expressed concern that 2 of the 3 resolutions involved the
and policy of the Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO) and felt that
was inappropriate for the ccTLDs to cast votes for a Supporting Organisation
that they would not be part of in the future. Elisabeth Porteneuve drew the
Council's attention to the fact that the ccTLDs were still part of the DNSO
had just taken part in the ICANN Board elections. Similar comments were made
Marilyn Cade and Grant Forsyth who said that the contribution of each
constituency was important in the present structure. Bruce Tonkin noted that
were currently operating under the Rules of Procedure for the Names Council.
Bruce Tonkin summarized resolution: Geographic diversity needs to be a
sufficient council members are needed to share the workload and while the
Evolution and Reform Committee has allowed 3 representatives per
for the transition year the situation should be reviewed after 12 months so
an intelligent decision based on the merits of competing arguments and
experience can be made. Discussion on the resolution highlighted fears that
Board would become too big if additional constituencies were added later, it
felt that the number issue is a flawed assumption, and that the nature of
constituency is different Philip Sheppard agreed to amend the resolution
a further review may also be necessary should new constituencies be created.

Ellen Shankman had to leave the call and gave her proxy to J.Scott Evans.

Bruce Tonkin summarized resolution 2 addressing stakeholder representation
basis of which today is having equal votes, and that any variation, 4+4+3
would be unacceptable to the Council. The reason behind the shift of power
is to
achieve a balance between contracted parties and users. Discussion on the
resolution raised the point that it could be seen as a self-interested
resolution if it came to pass It is a high level principle of ICANN that has
been changed and in an amended form merits support with competition being
removed. Philip Sheppard agreed to amend and present a shorter resolution.

Philip Sheppard had to leave the call and gave his proxy to Marilyn Cade..

Bruce Tonkin summarized Elisabeth Porteneuve's resolutions, the first draft
having provoked some discussion and letters from Vint Cerf and Stuart Lynn
the Names Council acknowledging that there were questions arising in the
practice of obtaining and reviewing zone files and that the objectives of
practice should be re-examined by the Security Committee. The resolution
addressed stability of the Internet, important in the White Paper, a recent
Carrier bankruptcy that needed secondary Name Servers to be removed and
in the IANA database, some of the ccTLD manager's dissatisfaction with IANA
functions, while it resolved that there was an emergency situation related
Name Servers, that updates should be processed immediately as well as the
updating of day to day data, and the protection of overall data accuracy.

Marilyn Cade said that it addressed an issue that was of broad concern to
Names Council, accuracy of data in data bases, however she felt it should be
edited to get an upper level resolution that would be supported. This was
by other members and Cary Karp felt it should be separated into 2 motions.

Bruce Tonkin suggested separating the resolution from the response to Vint
and Stuart Lynn's letter and said that the Names Council was the appropriate
place to handle the matter. Elisabeth was asked to redraft the resolution.

Item 3 AOB

Harold Feld suggested that the Names Council replies to the Department of
Commerce's renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding and the fundamental
that have already been discussed in the Names Council and not taken into
account, should be revisited.

Marilyn Cade suggested that there be a discussion on the Role of Governments
saying that there was a shift of some governments about the role of

Bruce Tonkin requested that Harold Feld and Marilyn Cade create discussion
documents and post to the council list prior to discussion at the names
meeting in Shanghai.

Bruce Tonkin thanked everyone for their participation.

Next NC teleconference will be on Thursday October 3, 2002, 15:00 Paris
13:00 UTC/GMT

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