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[council] Regarding Item 3 of agenda for 12 Sept 2002

Hello All,

As an action from the last meeting, I propose the following course of action
for dealing with the deletes issue after consultation with Marilyn Cade,
chair of transfers task force (where deletes has been discussed in context
of transfers and WLS):

Steps are as follows:
(1) Produce an issues report for the NC meeting on 3 Oct 2002.  The issues
report will be produced using the resources of a small team (deletes issues
team) comprising:
Bruce Tonkin
Alexander Svensson
Ross Wm. Rader 
Ram Mohan
Jordyn A. Buchanan
Liu, Hong
The report will be available by 19 September so that it may be discussed
within the constituencies prior to the 3 Oct meeting.

(2) At the meeting of 3 Oct 2002, decide whether to initiate policy action,
and whether to create a task force.

(3) If the decision is to create a task force, then an interim
membership of the taskforce will be established, and a draft terms of
reference developed and posted for consideration by constituencies by 17
October 2002. 

(4) If a task force is created, then the NC
will discuss and agree on the task force, terms of reference, outcomes and
timeline for the task force at the meeting in Shanghai on Tuesday 29 October

Bruce Tonkin

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