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Re: [council] Current procedures for choosing TF chair


I apologize for the delay in responding to you, and think that generally the
process for selecting TF chairs is quite reasonable.  However, the current
requirement that the TF chair be a member of the NC is something that we may
want to reconsider.  Let me explain the rationale behind this suggestion.

First, as some members of the NC pointed out during our discussions relating
to representation in the new GNSO, sometimes there are significant time
demands placed on NC members.  The requirement that TF chairs must be NC
reps only exacerbates this problem.  I'm sure that the NC members that
currently chair TF can attest to the huge amount of work required in such a
role.  We should allow the TF to consider the relative workloads of all its
members and select the member most able to provide the time required for the

Second, constituencies often nominate those that are not NC members to serve
on the TF in order to get those that are truly experts to serve on the Task
Forces.  If one of them would like to, and has the time and expertise to
want to chair, he or she should be given the chance.

Finally, I think it's important that we enable a broad spectrum of the
Internet community to participate in the policy formation process.  We ought
to be encouraging diversity of participation, and relaxing this restriction
is one way of doing so.

I'm looking forward to discussing this issue on Thursday.



On 9/9/02 3:10 AM, "Philip Sheppard" <philip.sheppard@aim.be> wrote:

> Before the NC considers changes in its means of choosing TF chairs please see
> below a copy of the current agreed process from NC rules of procedure. If it
> is desired to change this, could we hear the argument by e-mail first?
> Philip
> 3.2 Chair
> The chair of an interim committee, committee or task force is appointed by the
> NC. In the case of a task force the NC typically chooses to ratify the
> election of a chair by the task force itself. The chair must be an NC member.
> The way this has worked is the following:
> 1. NC agrees on new TF
> 2. NC chair appoints an interim chair* to co-ordinate the first meeting.
> 3. TF members are appointed by constituencies and first meeting takes place.
> 4. At that meeting or one soon after TF votes in a chair.
> 5. NC ratifies the chair at the next NC meeting.
> (*In a new GNSO this could be the new policy staff member)
> The reason the chair has to be an NC member was because the NC felt it was
> important:
> - to ensure the NC can get an update on the issue at any NC meeting.
> - to maintain short lines of communication.
> - to maintain control over NC policy issues.

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