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[council] Current procedures for choosing TF chairman

Before the NC considers changes in its means of choosing TF chairs please see below a copy of the current agreed process from NC rules of procedure. If it is desired to change this, could we hear the argument by e-mail first?

3.2 Chair
The chair of an interim committee, committee or task force is appointed by the NC. In the case of a task force the NC typically chooses to ratify the election of a chair by the task force itself. The chair must be an NC member.
The way this has worked is the following:
1. NC agrees on new TF
2. NC chair appoints an interim chair* to co-ordinate the first meeting.
3. TF members are appointed by constituencies and first meeting takes place.
4. At that meeting or one soon after TF votes in a chair.
5. NC ratifies the chair at the next NC meeting.
(*In a new GNSO this could be the new policy staff member)
The reason the chair has to be an NC member was because the NC felt it was important:
- to ensure the NC can get an update on the issue at any NC meeting.
- to maintain short lines of communication.
- to maintain control over NC policy issues.

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