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RE: [council] Looking for information how to change Registrar


Thank you very much for digging that text buried in various
places. It is a first step, but sill far away from providing information
to Registrants, and being Registrant oriented.

When you arrives to the US, you have a visa application (or another
paper ?), with ten or dozen of questions, and at the bottom there
is a reference to a US Federal rule, saying than an average
passenger needs 2 minutes to read and understand provided 
information (and additional 2 minutes to answer questions).
I tend to believe that the basic rules for Registrants should be
written in plain English, in one place, and be subject to the US
Federal test. What I am looking for is a set of rules, describing 
Rights of Registrant.

The NIC-handle related to Registrant was there in late 1980s
(and is still there) - it is an extremely valuable tool, which 
Registrants, like me, never accepted to give away.
Currently I am trying to preserve my NIC-handle in .com/.org/.net 
space - I do not see any Registrar site (I did not browsed one 
hundred, only few) where I can see how to update my NIC-handle.
And no, I do not want to have as many NIC-handles as domain names*
Registrars, and suffer all combinatory effects upon me. I am one, 
and I wish to have one NIC-handle to update my information.
Just a basic request to be able to fulfill my duty to keep my 
whois information updated.

Kind regards,
EP32-RIPE (my NIC-handle at RIPE)

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