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[council] Looking for information how to change Registrar

NC Colleagues,

I am a Registrant for some domain names I hold under .com/.net/.org.

I intend to change my current Registrar to a new one.

Could you point me, please, to an URL (presumably ICANN 
or Internic) where a Registrant can get explanation of rules 
for changing Registrar ?

Assume that my domain name expires on 1 May 2003.

1. When can I ask for transfer and be sure it happens and 
   my transfer is not locked ? (and I do not pay twice)

2. Is it true that Registrars can apply a rule of 45 or 60 days 
   to lock a transfer and if yes what is the reason for that 
   number of days ? (I was told these delays are related to 
   the US banks rules for credit cards and has nothing to do 
   with domain names registration).

3. Assume I give an order for transfer to a Registrar A today, 
   2 September 2002. Is it possible (from rules point of view)
   that my request be executed in such a way that the day 
   of expiration does not change (it remains 1 May, the year 
   will change of course) ?

4. The ICANN faq http://www.icann.org/general/faq1.htm indicates:

       When do I have to pay for my domain name?

       Before your domain name becomes active, you must provide 
       a credit card number or other reasonable assurance of payment. 

   What are other means of payment (besides credit card) ?
   Do you know if Registrars accept automated bank payment
   (every year at expiration date) ?
   It is a basic payment service provided by all service suppliers 
   in France (water, electricity, land and cell telephones, Internet 
   access, private schools, ...), used by 60 million people, no bank 
   fees charged to customers.

5. As a Registrant (user), and old timer, I used to NIC-handle
   facility to manage my IP addresses and my domain names.
   I would like to have control over my NIC-handle(s), i.e.
   - to have it at least unique within one TLD accross Registrars
     (or within IP Registry), i.e. Registrar independent
   - to be able to update my NIC-handle information (user information)
     and be sure it is done in one shot at least within one TLD
     accross Registrars space (or within IP Registry);
     it means that all domain names related to my NIC-handle
     get updated in one shot
   - to be able to query a NIC-handle database by NIC-handle
     (with my password) and get full status information for all domain
     names I may have under one TLD, with expiration dates,
     name servers, contracts etc.

   I believe that without means given to Registrant (user) to
   facilitate his management, the wishes to have whois information
   up to date are just hopeless.

6. Do I have a guarantee that my current Registrar is obligated
   by rule to erase my name from his records the day I am no longer
   his customer ?

Best regards,

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