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[council] Names Policy Development Process

please find attached the final report of the small ICANN working party that was asked to recommend a process for policy development. This was sent to the ERC 21 August 2002.
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From: Rita Rodin
Sent: 21 August 2002 23:45
Subject: Names Policy Development Process
Alejandro, Louis and Joe - -

Attached is a draft containing our recommendations for a names policy
development process.

As the draft states, it is the result of the collaboration of a number
of individuals whose time and effort was invaluable in creating a final
product.  Not everyone in the group agreed with every point, but members
were gracious enough to yield to the views of others where necessary to
move forward.

I would like to thank you and the ERC for giving me the opportunity to
participate in this process, and to work with such a talented, diverse
and dedicated group of individuals. 


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