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[council] Tr: Registrar vs. Registrant

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Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 9:20 PM
Subject: Registrar vs. Registrant

In part, I listened to the recorded meeting from April 4, 2002 conference. I understand that there is  a great deal of confusion as to the funding of ICANN in addition to DNSO.

I have one thing to say..."The funding issue is only going to be worsened if  DNSO and ICANN do NOT attempt to disband the organizations/registrar's who have found it easy to dupe registrant's into paying a registrar who is NOT the registrar on record for the domain name."

Registrar (VeriSign and others http://www.domainscams.com/ ) are attempting to charge registrant's for a re-registry of a domain name currently registered with another registrar.

VeriSign has reversed a long standing policy that states you must renew a domain name only after expiration and failed (purposefully) to advise current or prospective clients. The policy change has not been posted anywhere on any Web site for people to view, nor has it been put into any written form. The current policy is to disallow any domain transfers which have expired until the domain registration has been paid in full to VeriSign. VeriSign has an agreement which also states that a domain name may not be transferred in less than 60 days from the date of registration.
If a registrant waits more than 45 days from the time a charge has been made to the registrant's credit card, the bank holding the account will not honor the credit to the charge account.

Registrant's have now found that by registering a domain name with VeriSign (and others who are also conducting business with less than optimum integrity) for one year at the $35 annual charge from VeriSign, then transferring the domain name to another registrar inside of a 45 day period from the registration date with VeriSign and asking the credit card company to charge-back the $35 fee from VeriSign stating the company failed to provide services.

Another solution is to submit ONLY an IP address to the search engines. If one never applies for or uses a domain name, then the revenue from the domain name registrations becomes moot!

As a registrant working on the Internet since 1996, and having been experienced with the Internet since 1991, I have found that the solution of using an IP address will be my next course of action for any future Web sites established! If I as a registrant have to "play games" as it seems from all the companies on the Internet in order to conduct business, then I will find a way to conduct my business completely within my legal rights and exclude any procedure which could cause my business damage or interruption.

If VeriSign is allowed to continue to do business as they are currently, the number of registrant's on the Internet will diminish dramatically! Domain names will no longer be purchased at the numbers currently seen. IP addresses will take the place of domain names and companies will be able to conduct business as usual in a much less expensive manner as well as much less complicated matter.

If DNSO and ICANN intend to increase revenues or maintain revenues from domain name registrations, then both entities MUST stand up against VeriSign and have them cease doing business on the Internet.... www.SchoolfortheBlonde.com/NSIend.html will give you all the reasons, validations, and expectations of the situation at hand.

You may think I am only one little ant in the huge anthill of the Internet. However, one of the largest registrar's on the Internet is proud to offer a solution as to how to avoid the problems with VeriSign to include the "work-around" as described above, in addition to the IP domain name resolution.

Additionally, I would like to direct your attention to the one place registrant's have to turn in situations such as this http://forum.icann.org/regxfer/ which is overflowing with thousands or people having the same issues with VeriSign and they have no other place to turn. What's worse, there is NOBODY at ICANN willing to address this issue.

If ICANN and/or DNSO do not address the above issues PRIOR to the issue of funding and organization of their own entities, "both" entities will be disbanded due to lack of funding! In this instance you "must" be compelled to address the issue of VeriSign or your organization will meet its demise.


Thomas Garrison
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