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[council] Re: ICANN's mission

Quoting J. Scott:

> In my opinion, the argument that "the Internet and DNS were
> purring away like kittens before notions of commercial viability
> entered into the discussion" reflects both a naivete and
> completely unrealistic view of the situation as it exists today.

Are you suggesting that past events are negated by subsequent

> The Internet and the DNS have evolved substantially from their
> original "experimental" roots.

I don't think that the NC would be demonstrating its expertise by
dismissing the Internet as it was when operated by and for the
research community as an experiment. To be sure, the circumstances
in which the Internet is used have since evolved massively but,
unless I have missed something, ICANN acts to ensure the continuity
of the original protocol basis for the areas of Internet operation
for which it responsible.

> This fact is clearly acknowledged in the Green Paper, the White
> Paper and the MOU. It is this very fact that drove the DoC to
> require an adjustment to the administration of the DNS.

The Internet is not redefined by recognizing the need for extending
the scope of its administrative framework.

> And, for this reason, this very fact should be explicitly
> acknowledged in ICANN's mission statement.

ICANN's mission statement needs to recognize many concerns. Those
relating to business are among them but not alone among them. I
don't believe that the NC would be maximizing the utility of its
contribution to the current process by failing to recognize the full
spectrum of concerns and/or by neglecting the needs of any other
segment of the impacted community


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