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RE: [council] changing the subject line: A different suggestion than voting on conclusions...

I agree.
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> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Bruce Tonkin [SMTP:Bruce.Tonkin@melbourneit.com.au]
> Sent:	Thu, April 04, 2002 3:37 AM
> To:	'Cade,Marilyn S - LGA'; J. Scott Evans; NC (list); Philip Sheppard
> Subject:	RE: [council] changing the subject line:  A different
> suggestion  than voting on conclusions...
> I agree - we should avoid voting on conclusions at this stage.  Especially
> when the constituencies are still formulating their own positions.
> It would be better to just summarise the current points of views in the
> minutes for now.  That in itself is useful.
> I will be on the teleconference call this evening.
> Regards,
> Bruce Tonkin
> 	-----Original Message-----
> 	From: Cade,Marilyn S - LGA [mailto:mcade@att.com]
> 	Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 1:24 AM
> 	To: J. Scott Evans; NC (list); Philip Sheppard
> 	Subject: [council] changing the subject line: A different suggestion
> than voting on conclusions...
> 	Folks, 
> 	After reading Philip's summation again, and offering some edits to
> it, and now reading J.Scott's suggestion,  I offer a suggestion which I
> hope can help to move us all past this issue.
> 	I don't think that we should be voting on conclusions at all at this
> stage of our work together. I didn't take Philip's summary as anything
> other than an effort to provide a draft statement but I don't think that
> we are "there" yet in terms of voting on any conclusions at this stage.   
> 	How about agreeing that  the chair can put forward what he thinks
> might be a DRAFT summary OF INITIAL conclusions [did I give that enough
> options?] OR EVEN "PRELIMINARY FINDINGS" then we can discuss whether there
> is "general concurrence", document that, and then we need to move on and
> have discussions about the next issue. 
> 	In short, I do not support voting on "conclusions" at this stage of
> our discussions.  Let me explain why:  If we vote on conclusions at this
> stage on a progressive schedule,  and then as we discuss the next topic,we
> learn something which changes the viewpoint, we will have to go back,
> rediscuss, revote, etc.
> 	It appears that a further discussion of "mission" is needed to
> support further work. I would welcome seeing  proposed mission ideas.  
> 	In the BC, we have a pretty good sense of where most of our members
> are on " mission" but we are still in consultation. I suspect we are
> "typical" in that status.  
> 	I must say that I didn't take the same kind of work assignment that
> the IPC did out of the discussion, but instead the BC will focus in on the
> existing mission and the summary of work to build comments from. )
> However, our existing principles and positions already taken would
> indicate that we would likely continue support for the existing mission
> and activities, and maintaining consistency with the principles of the
> White Paper...  BUT, as I said, we are taking further consultation, as all
> of us are.  :-)
> 	Regards, Marilyn
> 	 -----Original Message-----
> 	From: J. Scott Evans [mailto:jse@adamspat.com]
> 	Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 7:50 AM
> 	To: NC (list); Philip Sheppard
> 	Subject: Re: [council] Conclusions to call no on ICANN Evolution
> 	Importance: High
> 		Philip:
> 		I have just reviewed the "Conclusions to call on ICANN
> Evolution" below.  Perhaps I missed something on our call; however, I do
> not remember any consensus.  In fact, I specifically remember that you
> suggested that the constituencies provide a written idea of ICANN's
> mission for consideration by the NC members.  I certainly never agreed to
> the formulation of ICANN's mission that you have presented in your
> summary.  I do remember discussing the "What ICANN does" paper.  I also
> remember you pointing out that I seemed to be happy with ICANN's current
> functions as laid out in that paper.  I did not and do not now disagree
> with that summarization of my opinion.  On the other hand, I find it
> problematic that you have formulated what appears to be a mission
> statement when I do not remember any agreement on this issue.  Secondly, I
> do not remember the NC ever agreeing on either concept that you have
> labeled "Recommendations" in your report.  I do remember some discussion
> on these issues, but I believe that it is an overstatement to say they are
> NC recommendations.
> 		I have no problem with you attempting to move the
> discussions along.  I do, however, find it disturbing that your
> characterizations are far more conclusive than I remember our discussions
> being.  In fact, I reported to the IPC that we ( the IPC) needed to put
> together a written proposal on our view of ICANN's mission for submission
> to the NC.  Accordingly, many members of our constituency have worked long
> hours to put together the necessary document.  I now look a bit foolish
> when the NC Chair subsequently posts a document purporting to set forth
> conclusions from the NC call which, frankly, I think overstate the
> position and do not accurately reflect the discussion on the NC call.
> 		I therefore request that the agenda for tomorrow's call be
> amended to include a discussion of your report and then we can vote on
> whether it is the NC's position.
> 		Regards.
> 		J. Scott Evans
> 			----- Original Message ----- 
> 			From: Philip Sheppard
> <mailto:philip.sheppard@aim.be> 
> 			To: NC (list) <mailto:council@dnso.org> 
> 			Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 2:36 AM
> 			Subject: [council] Conclusions to call no on ICANN
> Evolution
> 			Council,
> 			Following input from Thomas Roessler and Marilyn
> Cade, I am happy to adopt their suggested wording (last two paragraphs) as
> friendly amendments and propose the following as conclusions to our first
> call. In order to make progress I will assume the NC agrees to this unless
> I hear to the contrary before the start of our next call.
> 			Philip
> 			---------------------
> 			DRAFT version 2
> 			Scope and mission of ICANN
> 			In broad terms the NC agreed with the factual
> description of ICANN's functions listed in "What ICANN Does" at:
> <http://www.icann.org/general/toward-mission-statement-07mar02.htm> 
> 			"ICANN is responsible for coordinating the
> Internet's naming, address allocation, and protocol parameter assignment
> systems. These systems enable globally unique and universally
> interoperable identifiers for the benefit of the Internet and its users.
> 			ICANN's paramount concern is the stability of these
> services. 
> 			ICANN's role includes both operational and
> policymaking functions. "
> 			The ICANN note specifies that ICANN's operations (in
> broad summary) cover:
> 			1. General operational functions (such as IP address
> allocation, maintaining the DNS root zone file).
> 			2. gTLD administrative functions (such as registrar
> accreditation, supervising the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy). 
> 			3. ccTLD administrative functions (such as requests
> for delegation and redelegation).
> 			4. Policy coordination for infrastructure security.
> 			5. Policymaking including:
> 			  5.1. IP address and AS number allocation,
> 			  5.2  ccTLD global policy coordination,
> 			  5.3. Protocol numbering via the IANA registries,
> 			  5.4 gTLD registry-level policies.
> 			The Names Council specified the following existing
> functions of ICANN where the NC would like ICANN to do better in carrying
> them out:
> 			- ccTLD administrative functions
> 			- root server administration
> 			- Registry and Registrar contract enforcement with
> respect to intellectual property and other existing conditions.
> 			Recommendation 1: Create clearly delineated
> divisions within ICANN responsible for the administration of certain
> technical functions. This would  establish separate staff functions for
> policy and  operational functions. 
> 			The Names Council felt that the greatest danger of
> mission creep lay in the areas of security and consumer protection. The
> creation of infrastructure for at-large membership was also mentioned;
> however, it was also argued that this topic should not be discussed
> alongside with ICANN's functions.
> 			Recommendation 2. ICANN's functions should not be
> extended beyond what is outlined in the note "What ICANN Does" .

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