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Re: [council] Conclusions to call on ICANN Evolution

Philip and other NC members:
I am attaching a draft Executive Summary of one section that will be included in a more detailed IPC paper to the ICANN Evolution Committee.  Please understand that this document is merely a draft and has yet to receive full vetting by all IPC members.  Nevertheless, I believe it will receive strong support within the IPC and I wanted each of you to have an idea of the IPC's thinking with regard to ICANN's mission before tomorrow's call.
Once again, this document is merely a draft and merely intended to give each of you an idea of our position.
J. Scott Evans
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Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: [council] Conclusions to call on ICANN Evolution

J Scott,
that's fine. I am not sure if we need to actually vote along each step. I am just trying to make a record of some sort of progress. We can certainly cover this briefly on the Thursday call. But if you disagree with either conclusion specifically (eg you want to add or delete an ICANN function) please let us know this ASAP.

Draft Executive Summary 3 Apr 2002.doc

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