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[council] PROXY

In the event that I am unable to participate in any part of tomorrow's Names Council teleconference, I give proxy voting rights to Cary Karp and if he is not attending, Richard Tindal

Roger J. Cochetti
Senior Vice President & Chief Policy Officer

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From: Philip Sheppard [mailto:philip.sheppard@aim.be]
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 9:04 AM
To: NC (list)
Subject: [council] Conclusions to call on ICANN Evolution

J Scott,
as chairman I can either host a call and never dare to draw conclusions, or I can listen to a discussion predicated on a set of specific questions and then attempt to make something concrete from them.
I choose option two. In so doing I label them DRAFT- so that NC members can then respond saying
"Dear Philip, I do not agree to that specific point for the following reasons...."
The first draft was sent March 28 with the following message:
"Further to the minutes of the NC meeting, please find below draft conclusions and two proposed recommendations for the NC to consider. (Attached also are the terms of reference adopted by the NC 22 March). At this point the recommendations are intended to relate only to the scope and functions of ICANN. Further recommendations may follow future discussion. These recommendations attempt to reflect the broad view of the discussion on scope and pick up one concrete proposal made regarding the creation of separate divisions to handle specific technical functions. Comments please by e-mail in advance of the April 4 meeting."
So I see little reason for the tone of your message. I await the IPC opinion on ICANN functions with interest.

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