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[council] ICANN Board resolution on .org

Dear Vint and Stuart
I note from the minutes of the ICANN Board meeting of 13 March 2002 in
Accra, that the Board resolved to direct the President to issue an RFP
seeking applications for the reassignment of the .org TLD.
Absent from the resolution is mention of key conditions of that RFP or any
reference to those aspects of the DNSO report on the matter which spells out
the consensus view as to key conditions of any such RFP.

As the Business Constituency representative on the DNSO Task Force, the
absence of explicit reference to the specific conditions detailed in the
DNSO report concern me and the BC. 
Another key recommendation of the DNSO report was that a draft of any RFP
prepared by the ICANN staff, be provided to the Names Council for review
prior to its public dissemination.  I see no mention of such a process in
the resolution.
I understand that there may have been aspects of the DNSO report that were
not fully understood by the ICANN staff or were felt to be confusing by the
staff or Board.  If that is the case, I think I am safe in suggesting that
the Names Council would welcome the opportunity to dialogue with the staff
in an effort to explain any perceived confusion and misunderstandings or an
assurance that this is not that there is no such confusion.
It would be a great pity if the DNSO, having worked so well to derive a
strong, consensus based recommendation to the Board, were in large part
I urge you to allay any concerns I and others of the DNSO have over the
apparent omission  of the explicit policy recommendations forwarded to the
Board by way of the DNSO report and assure us that those recommendations
will be included in the RFP and the RFP will be provided to the Names
Council for review prior to its public dissemination.
I look forward to your response.
Grant Forsyth 

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