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RE: [council] Agenda - NC teleconf. 04 April 2002

Thanks for the clarification about the time, Glen.

I am happy with the proposed agenda for working toward recommendations on a
topical basis. 

In addition, I'd suggest that we work under a process where we try to reach
agreement where we can; move really contentious topics to an agreed to
"parking lot"; and work through where possible on those topics where we can
get to rough consensus. From the list on the "parking lot", then we can try
to see if there are issues where there is a very definite split, and maybe
we should agree early on whether the split is so firm and fast that we need
to agree on "minority reports" and how many; if that is the case, then the
two [or three] different positions can be getting underway in parallel....
I would see there being three kinds of positions: 
1) there is broad and general agreement
2) there are very strong splits of 2-3-4 constituencies on different
3) we don't know enough yet and should ask staff/Stuart to brief us further
on a particular topic.
4) other [yet to be defined... ]

It's just an idea to try to find a way to work within the group on areas
where we can find common ground.

Regards, Marilyn

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From: DNSO Secretariat [mailto:DNSO.secretariat@dnso.org]
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 10:54 AM
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Subject: [council] Agenda - NC teleconf. 04 April 2002

         DNSO Names Council Teleconference on 4 April 2002 - agenda

Names Council Agenda 4 April 2002 (120 mins)

  1. Date, time, phone number.

     The Names Council teleconference will be held on 4 April 2002 at the
     following time:

     (5:00 LA, 8:00 New York, 15:00 Paris, 22:00 Japan/Korea, 23:00
       Local time between 29 March and 7 April 2002,
       the most difficult week for local time
       Reference (Coordinated Universal Time)     UTC         13:00
       California, USA                            UTC-8+0DST   5:00
       Missouri, USA                              UTC-6+0DST   7:00
       Monterrey, Mexico                          UTC-6+0DST   7:00
       Washington DC, USA                   (EST) UTC-5+0DST   8:00
       St.Thomas, Virgin Islands                  UTC-4+0DST   9:00
       Lima, Peru                                 UTC-5+0DST   8:00
       Buenos Aires, Argentina                    UTC-3+0DST  10:00
       London, United Kingdom                     UTC+0+1DST  14:00
       Brussels, Belgium                    (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:00
       Barcelona, Spain                     (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:00
       Frankfurt, Germany                   (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:00
       Paris, France                        (CET) UTC+1+1DST  15:00
       Jerusalem, Israel                          UTC+2+1DST  16:00
       Seoul, Korea                               UTC+9+0DST  22:00
       Tokyo, Japan                               UTC+9+0DST  22:00
       Melbourne, Australia                      UTC+10+0DST  23:00
       Auckland, New Zealand                     UTC+12+0DST  01:00 (next
       The DST starts/ends on:
           last Sunday of March in Europe
           first Sunday in April in Northern America
       (with some exceptions)
       For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

     The full participants are the 21 NC members as listed in
     http://www.dnso.org/constituency/ncmembers.html, DNSO Secretariat and
     ICANN Officers

          Dial in number: + 1 610-769-9240 (U.S. number)

          Passcode: Names Council

          Conference Leader: Philip Sheppard

     Philip Sheppard will be chairing the NC teleconference.

     Scheduled time for meeting - 120 mins.

  2. Agenda and related documents

     This is the second teleconference after Accra dedicated to ICANN Reform

     Proposed NC Agenda April 4

     I propose the following order of topics for our next calls:

     - Short term
     - Long term

     2.Advisory Bodies

     3.Management of advisory bodies

     4.Stakeholder participation

     5.Board composition


     I propose a first pass where we seek areas of common agreement and then
     we revisit to discuss areas where constituencies have differing views.
     Our timeline is short. The Evolution committee has said it wants input
     by April 29 to be useful. This differs from the timeline indicated by
     Stuart Lynn in Ghana (May 15.) upon which the current schedule of NC
     calls was based. For now I do not propose any additional calls but we
     can re-evaluate that as we proceed.

     Minutes from previous teleconference on ICANN reform

     Terms of reference for DNSO response to the case for reform.

     ICANN Staff Draft: Toward a Statement of the ICANN Mission


The next teleconference will be as scheduled 18 April at 15.00 Paris time.

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