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Re: [council] Structure TF: NC Resolution

Very good.  I applaud your efforts and agree with your approach.

Let us bear in mind that a standard ploy in negotiating is to attempt
to convince your opponent that he must take your position as a
starting point for negotiation; the opponent is thereby reduced to
reacting to your moves.  Let us, the NC, not fall into that trap.  We
are by no means obliged to accept Mr. Lynn's proposal as a starting
point for structural reform.

--- Alexander Svensson <alexander@svensson.de> wrote:
> Dear NC members,
> please find attached the resolution for the 
> Names Council meeting prepared by the Structure TF. 
> Best regards,
> /// Alexander

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/msword name=St TF - Res. on Case for
Reform 2.0.doc; x-mac-type=42494E41; x-mac-creator=4D535744

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