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RE: [council] NC e-mail voting

I hope the proposed change below adds a little more clarity whilst adhering to strict rules of procedure.
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From: Philip Sheppard [mailto:philip.sheppard@aim.be]
Sent: 06 March 2002 10:29
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Subject: [council] NC e-mail voting

I thought it may be useful to add to the NC guidelines a section on e-mail votes. I propose the following text. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for clearer wording, and if you support or object to the intent of this guideline.  If possible we could approve it in Ghana.
New section 13. E-mail voting
13.1 ICANN by-law VI-B 2(h) requires that NC members "can speak to and hear one another" for an NC meeting to be valid. Votes taken by e-mail therefore have to be validated at a subsequent meeting.
13.2 The secretariat will typically act as returning officer for an e-mail vote, and in case of non-receipt of a vote  should attempt to ascertain whether a vote was submitted. Provided it is confirmed by the member that a vote was originally sent within the set timeframe, the secretariat may take that vote by telephone. The result of the e-mail vote will be declared as soon as practicable once known.
13.3 Typically at the next meeting of the Names Council, the Chair will ask for the e-mail vote to be validated by a simple vote of approval. After such validation the result of the e-mail vote will be an act of the Names Council.
13.4 Should there be any technical failure or other anomaly in the e-mail vote, the Chair will ask NC members at the next NC meeting to re-affirm their original or intended e-mail vote.

13.5 Under exceptional circumstances which must be described by the Chair and agreed to by the NC, it may be decided to hold a fresh vote at which NC members may chose to vote differently from their earlier e-mail vote.

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