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RE: [council] New NCDNHC Names Council members

Dear Milton, Y.J., and Vany,

I join others in commending you for your dedication and contribution to the
work of the Council. Each of you has made a significant contribution to the
work of the council and has been very committed in representing the
interests of your constituency. 

Even though we often, or even mostly, don't agree on substance, I respect
your contributions.  And will miss each of you.  I especially will miss each
of you because you have been tireless and committed participants on the NC
task forces.  I have valued the opportunity to work with each of you in that
role as well. 

I also welcome our new colleagues and I look forward to working with them!  

And, I count on your continued involvement in the Internet community.  I
agree with Stuart's assessment that ICANN needs change; I've noted that I
don't agree with many of the proposed approaches; but I think that all of us
now have the challenge to ensure that change, which is necessary, is in line
with what the broad community can support and to build better solutions if
we disagree with those outlined.
So, I count on continuing to work with you throughout that process.

We may have to start a NC alumni club so that we can all keep in touch as
our paths diverge.  :-)  

Best regards, Marilyn

-----Original Message-----
From: Milton Mueller [mailto:mueller@syr.edu]
Sent: Saturday, March 02, 2002 12:32 AM
To: council@dnso.org
Cc: faia@amauta.rcp.net.pe; ehchun@icann-ncc.org; hfeld@mediaaccess.org
Subject: [council] New NCDNHC Names Council members

The Noncommercial constituency has elected its new
Names Council representatives. They are:

Eung Hwi CHUN (Korea): ehchun@icann-ncc.org
Harold Feld (USA): hfeld@mediaaccess.org
Erick Iriarte (Peru): faia@amauta.rcp.net.pe

With this message, I bid the Names Council adieu.
I entered the Council determined to fight for the
right policies, but am leaving it with the sense
that it is no small victory simply to produce a

As ICANN lurches toward some kind of redefinition
of itself, the future of the DNSO itself is in doubt.
Whatever happens on that front, I feel cautiously 
optimistic about the future of the Internet, however - 
Lynn's reform proposals seem to have shocked the 
community into a stark realization of what is at 

I intend to follow through on the commitment to 
transition the UDRP working group and also intend
to closely monitor the progress of the .org 

Regards to all of you I worked with,


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