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[council] So long, Names Council....

Fellow Council members,

Wishing newly elected 2002 NCDNHC NC members
go through challenging "reformation" or "re-start" of
global Internet Governance coordination process under 
leadership of one-year-experienced NC Chair, Philip, 
I want to share what NC has meant for me.

I have served NC since August, 1999 when NCDNHC
was recognized by ICANN Board with responsibility to 
bring under-represented voices, which has still remained 
a big challenge for ICANN process despite Stuart's claim 
that ICANN is already internationalized enough to focus on 
efficient decision-making process from now on, which I 
interpreted as top-down hoping I am wrong...... 

This reformation proposal(ICANN Review) can be construed 
as a follow-up of the report provided by WG-(DNSO)Review 
which I chaired from Dec. 20th or so, 2000 to Jan. 20th or so, 
2001, extremely "effiecient" WG compared with other one-year
or even longer than one-year WGs in its past experience.

Even though I may understand how this proposal could be 
prepared by a manager of an organization, I want to remind
Stuart and others who sympathize with his "solution" that 
there was a very "efficient" WG which could provide its report 
within the very challenging given deadline under the current
ICANN structure.

It was challenging to attend monthly NC teleconference
from different cities when I especially travelled such as 10 pm 
from Taipei when it went through earthquakes in 1999, 10 pm 
from Beijing, 7 am? Salt Lake City, 11:00 pm from Tokyo, 9:00 
pm from Bangkok and others and usually 11:00 pm from Seoul 
and 10 pm from Singapore. I have to confess that I once fell into 
sleep during the teleconference.

I also want to echo Milton that regardless of ICANN's 
reformation or New structure under new name, Internet will grow 
and Internet users(cyber-citizens) will wake up with realization 
that they do have rights to participate in policy-making process
as they do in off-line world.

They may decide to defer such rights to their representatives
like off-line however, such delegation should be delivered
through themselves.

History teaches us. 
Louis XIV   --    Louis XVI    --     French Revolution....

Looking forward to NC's wise leadership in the future, I do
Hope we don't need another Joan de Arc....

I want to remind that it has been a pleasure to serve as Names
Council with respectful people.

YJ Park

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