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RE: [council] New NCDNHC Names Council members

Thanks, Milton.

You've been a very articulate voice for an often under represented
group. What most people have already forgotton, or never knew, was that
the Internet of today came to be because of non-profits and
non-commercial entity participation. 

Keep your hand in!

Peter de Blanc

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Of Milton Mueller
Sent: Saturday, March 02, 2002 12:32 AM
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Subject: [council] New NCDNHC Names Council members

The Noncommercial constituency has elected its new
Names Council representatives. They are:

Eung Hwi CHUN (Korea): ehchun@icann-ncc.org
Harold Feld (USA): hfeld@mediaaccess.org
Erick Iriarte (Peru): faia@amauta.rcp.net.pe

With this message, I bid the Names Council adieu.
I entered the Council determined to fight for the
right policies, but am leaving it with the sense
that it is no small victory simply to produce a

As ICANN lurches toward some kind of redefinition
of itself, the future of the DNSO itself is in doubt.
Whatever happens on that front, I feel cautiously 
optimistic about the future of the Internet, however - 
Lynn's reform proposals seem to have shocked the 
community into a stark realization of what is at 

I intend to follow through on the commitment to 
transition the UDRP working group and also intend
to closely monitor the progress of the .org 

Regards to all of you I worked with,


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