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[council] Proposal for major ICANN reform

Title: Proposal for major ICANN reform
Dear colleagues:

This is to give you a heads-up that I presented a proposal for major ICANN reform to the Board at its retreat this weekend. The Board discussed the proposal carefully and encouraged me to post it for public comment and suggestions. The proposal can be found at

This proposal is based on my firm belief arrived at after serving in this job for a year, that, for the reasons discussed in the document ICANN cannot achieve its mission without major reforms. I have not arrived at this decision easily. I also do not believe for a moment that the problems we are facing can be solved by tinkering with our present situation. Continuing on the present course will lead us nowhere. We have to think about a very different kind of ICANN, one that can be much more effective but one that retains our essential core values of openness, transparency, and participation. I am convinced that with the right kind of reforms, we can not only achieve our mission but accomplish more and do it better.

Major reforms are very unsettling and can cause much confusion and uncertainty.  I do not expect the community will come to grasp all the reasons behind these proposals right away. A few may judge these proposals by what it means for them. I am confident, however, that given time for dialog and understanding, most of the community will consider what I am proposing in the broader context of what is best for the Internet as a whole and will come to understand why we must act and move forward along the lines I am proposing.

I will look forward to opportunities to discuss these proposals with you over the coming weeks. I will also look forward to your thoughtful feedback and suggestions.

Please feel free to share this note.


Stuart Lynn
President and CEO
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Tel: 310-823-9358
Fax: 310-823-8649
Email: lynn@icann.org

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