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[council] [fwd] ICANN structure - rumors.

This was just sent to the GA list by Danny Younger who took it from 
the ALSC forum list.  You can expect that Andy's message is genuine.

> Subj:    [ALSC-Forum] (Fwd) Joe Sims organizing a clandestine Operation
> Date:   2/19/02 11:17:16 AM Eastern Standard Time
> From:   jeanette@medea.wz-berlin.de (Jeanette Hofmann)
> Sender: owner-forum@www.atlargestudy.org
> To: forum@www.atlargestudy.org
> Hi, everyone. I forward the following message on Andy's  behalf.
> Date sent:          Tue, 19 Feb 2002 15:01:40 +0100
> From:               Andy Mueller-Maguhn <andy@ccc.de>
> Subject:            Joe Sims organizing a clandestine Operation
> I just got a call from a source in the European
> Commission (Department for Information Society). Joe
> Sims was today in Brussel for some kind of a closed door
> meeting with Chrisopher Wilkinson and some other
> people of the European Commission (my source did not attend
> the meeting).
> Sims presented plans for a complete restructuring of the
> ICANN board, without the at large. If I understood correct
> with governmental representatives in the board and with
> complete different set of ASO, PSO and parts of the DNSO.
> I just reached Christopher Wilkinson on the phone who seemed
> astonished about my knowledge on _that_ Sims had been
> there. I asked for details of what Sims presented and only
> got the sentence from Wilkinson, that "he is not sure if
> Sims presented this as a position of the board or his own."
> To his understanding, this will be presented to the board
> at Saturday and he told me, that he would be more happy
> if I could get the details from the board.
> Short: he told me to piss off and not disturb the conspiracy.
> shocked,
> A.

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