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[council] Re: [nc-str] Draft report version 7 - REQUEST FOR APPROVAL

fellow council members...
i am quite concerned that comments in this report are being arbitrarily characterized by the TF chair as "minority positions when, in effect, we havent reached a point where majority positions or opinions have been "determined".
it would appear that the chair has taken unto soley unto himself the authority to determine what comments and recommendations fall outside the TOR. approval of specific positions (see section 5)  is also stated in the report but i do not recall any formal votes taken on these issues by the TF (please refresh my memory here if i am wrong and provide specific TF vote results )
ken stubbs
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Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 7:29 AM
Subject: [nc-str] Draft report version 7 - REQUEST FOR APPROVAL

Please find attached draft report version 7. Now that I have found some spare hours I have added text and re-formatted version 6 into the format for reports recommended by Names Council guidelines.
The new version includes an executive summary and also highlights that the task force's role was to fulfil its terms of reference, not to collate constituency opinions on all aspects of the at-large report.
The circulation of constituency/GA papers commenting on the ALSC report was a useful starting point for the task force. Please note that if you believe there is opinion relevant to the task forces terms of reference contained in these papers, it is up to you as the constituency or GA representative, to highlight and communicate these to the task force.
In the new section 8 there is inclusion of some minority and other opinions. These include:
- the gTLD comments on an holistic approach to the work of the task force,
- the non-commercials opinion on the basis of the at-large membership,
- the gTLD comments on involvement in discussions for membership and voting.
There is also a new section 6 on constituency impact.  I have included a general comment that needing to be active in more than one SO stretches all of us. Please let me know if there are other specific comments you would like added here that are relevant to the TF's recommendations.
All going well, this version (7) will go forward to the Names Council at its Ghana meeting March 12.
Please let me have your final comments and approval of this version from each member of the task force no later than Thursday 28 February 2002. 
Many thanks.
Philip Sheppard

DNSO NC TF on Structurev7 (1).doc

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