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RE: [council] Reminder - Business plan revision - for Thursday 17 Jan NC

I thought I would give my comments in advance to save time on the call.
First, I would of course like to thank Philip for reminding us that we have
a Business plan and that it needed updating.  In general, I thought some
objectives were perhaps a bit too vague.  Specifically,

The Task Force will be reviewing and evaluating through 2Q 2002, but the
phase is not expected to start until at least 3Q 2002.  For illustrative
purposes only, if the Task Force sees a huge demand for an internal appeal
process (and I am not saying there either is or is not such a demand) the
actual details of the process will need to be worked out (i.e., the
implementation phase).  The implementation phase will of course use any
input we get from the questionnaire in formulating the process.

With respect to WIPO-2 and the fact that it did not recommend going
immediately forward on any of the proposed expansion areas, I think our
objective should be to assign an NC member to keep track of WIPO's progress
and report to NC accordingly.  While I will not be on the NC after Feb's
call, I imagine an IPC rep would be more than happy to monitor.

2. TLDs
I believe part (a) will take most of 2002 and believe (b) should be slated
for 2003. 

Can we provide more concrete deadlines and deliverables?

Again, can we provide more concrete deadlines and deliverables?

Just my two cents.

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From: Philip Sheppard [mailto:philip.sheppard@aim.be]
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 8:47 AM
To: NC (list)
Subject: [council] Reminder - Business plan revision - for Thursday 17
Jan NC

NC members,
Please remember to read the revised business plan in advance of Thursday's
NC meeting. Attached in Word (if it survives the DNSO servers) and pasted as
text below.

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From: "DNSO Secretariat" <DNSO.secretariat@dnso.org>
To: <council@dnso.org>
Sent: 09 January 2002 14:40
Subject: [council] Business plan revision

A document from Philip Sheppard for your attention please
before the 17 Januay teleconference.
DNSO Secretariat

Names Council members,
You will recall the NC established its two-year business plan at the
beginning of 2001 covering the years 2001 to end 2002. At this half way
stage I have drafted a revised version, updating tasks completed, and
expanding on the strategies currently adopted to complete objectives yet to
be done.

I would like to seek your approval to this revision at the Jan 17 meeting.
It is two pages long. Your comments in the meantime are most welcome.

NC Chair

Business Plan for the DNSO Names Council 2001-2002
DRAFT v9 Mid term revision as at January 2002

1. A mission statement
2. A set of objectives that the NC intends to meet within a given time
3. A set of optimal strategies under each objective outlining the way the
objectives will be met.

The following will typically be set as part of the terms of reference of the
relevant NC task force or group:
 A set of specific actions - the tactics describing in detail how each
strategy will be carried out.
 A set of criteria for the measurement of success.
 A review and evaluation process.

Mission statement
"To manage a process of consensus building within the Domain Name Supporting
Organization and to advise the Board with respect to policy issues relating
to the domain name system."

Proposed objectives for the NC 2001-2002
Policy and Board related
1. UDRP. a) Review and evaluate the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy and
propose changes for consideration by the ICANN Board. Timeframe: 2Q 2002
b) Consider need for further revisions in the light of the 2000 - 2001
Second WIPO Domain Name Process - WIPO2 RFC-2 looking at issues involving
domain names and property other than trademarks. Timeframe: 2002
1.1 Continue to meet objective a) via the UDRP task force. Consider
objective b) on completion of objective a).

2. TLDs. a) Review and evaluate the new TLD registries with respect to their
impact on net users and the creation of a stable domain name system with
high user confidence. Propose changes for consideration by the ICANN Board.
Timeframe: 2002.
b) Review and evaluate the selection criteria for additional new applicants
for new TLDs. Propose changes and roll out schedule for consideration by the
ICANN Board. Timeframe: 2002.
2.1 Work within established or future Board committees on both objectives.

3. WhoIs. Monitor and advise the Board on policy issues relating to WhoIs
policies. Timeframe: 1Q 2002
3.1 Continue with the evaluation of the WhoIs survey by the WhoIs task
force. WhoIs task force to make recommendations based on this evaluation to
the NC.

4. Transfers. Resolve the user/supplier and supplier/supplier conflicts
relating to transfer of domain names. Timeframe: 2Q 2002
4.1 Continue to work within the Transfers task force to find a mutually
acceptable resolution.

5. Internationalised Domain Names. Develop consensus policies for
implementation of Internationalised (IDN) domain names. Timeframe: 2002.
5.1 Continue to work within the IDN task force to recommend implementation

6. Dot org  Make recommendations to the Board on the re-delegation and
registry policy for a new dot org. Timeframe: 1Q 2002
6.1 Adopt NC final report at January 2002 meeting
6.2 Consult with staff during Request For Proposal (RFP) preparation and
review RFP when completed.

DNSO operation related
7. Structure. a) Produce a timely impact assessment on a) the efficacy of
policy making within the DNSO, and b) the efficacy of ICANN decision making
as a result of the proposals from the at-large study committee, the desire
of the ccTLDs to form their own supporting organisation and other proposals.
b) Produce a recommendation based on this evaluation. Time frame: 1Q 2002.
7.1 Continue to work within the Structure task force to evaluate proposals
for re-structuring against the above criteria and make recommendations to
the NC.

8. NC secretariat. Establish a professional secretariat for the NC.

9. NC funding. Resolve long-term funding issue for the Names Council.
Timeframe: 2002.
9.1 Seek funding of the DNSO secretariat from centrally acquired ICANN


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