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Re: [council] ICANN consultation periods - Draft comminique

Hi Peter and all:
I support this draft.

Best Regards

-- Peter de Blanc <pdeblanc@usvi.net> wrote:
> Philip, and NC
> Here is my draft. What procedure do we follow to get
> it approved by the
> council and forwarded to ICANN staff and Board?
> peter de Blanc
> -------------------------
> There have been occasions where ICANN Staff
> publishes out documents while
> constituents are in transit on the way to meetings.
> Examples include  GAC
> letter, status quo document, NSI-ICANN contract
> revision proposal, etc.
> This practice does not allow proper time for
> consultation and comment,
> particularly for non-native English speakers. Some
> colleagues have privately
> expressed a feeling that this practice may be
> deliberate, particularly since
> it seems to repeat itself at each physical meeting.
> While we can understand that the urgencies of the
> moment do not always allow
> for long lead times, and that ICANN is, in general,
> understaffed, the DNSO
> needs to address this issue in a pro-active manner.
> This communiqué from the NC to the ICANN staff may
> help to alleviate the
> frustration of the constituency members affected by
> this practice. We
> encourage the ICANN staff to manifest an increased
> level of sensitivity in
> this area in the future.
> ---------------------------
> (EOF)

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