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[council] ICANN consultation periods - Draft comminique

Philip, and NC

Here is my draft. What procedure do we follow to get it approved by the
council and forwarded to ICANN staff and Board?

peter de Blanc

There have been occasions where ICANN Staff publishes out documents while
constituents are in transit on the way to meetings. Examples include  GAC
letter, status quo document, NSI-ICANN contract revision proposal, etc.

This practice does not allow proper time for consultation and comment,
particularly for non-native English speakers. Some colleagues have privately
expressed a feeling that this practice may be deliberate, particularly since
it seems to repeat itself at each physical meeting.

While we can understand that the urgencies of the moment do not always allow
for long lead times, and that ICANN is, in general, understaffed, the DNSO
needs to address this issue in a pro-active manner.

This communiqué from the NC to the ICANN staff may help to alleviate the
frustration of the constituency members affected by this practice. We
encourage the ICANN staff to manifest an increased level of sensitivity in
this area in the future.

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