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We have received a generous donation for hosting and first-class web design of the worldatlarge.org Web 
presence.  Once the domain resolves, we will be posting a tentative Statement.

As @Large members, we have already a very real stake in the Non-Profit Corporation ICANN.  In the last 
"election", the @Large was *allowed* only 5 seats.  The By-Laws of ICANN say something quite different.  Mr. Karl 
Auerbach's analysis of the situation is quite cogent.  

We can realize the full potential of the @Large, but we must move quickly.  Constituencies only make 
recommendations to the NC & ICANN.  The @Large Membership can put Directors on the Board! The difference is 

Let's not get caught gawking at the gate.  

Sotiris Sotiropoulos
          Hermes Network, Inc. 

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