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Re: [wg-review] Re: [cctld-discuss] Comments on review of DNSOby Mr Park

On 25 Jan 01, at 10:05, Pilar Luque wrote:

> Dear Budi,
> In response to your queries:
> 1. The cost is something that should be studied in Melbourne.  I could
> only tell you that a translator charges in Spain USD 0.5 per word.

Ok. Let's wait until somebody did an assesment the amount
of money we're talking about here.
Anybody? Are you willing to take that responsibility?

Note: that's only to translate from English to Spanish.
Let's assume there are 10 languanges that ICANN must support.
Multiply that with 10.

I did a small wordcount (wc) on my mailbox, actually one of my
current mailboxes. There are 2.5 million words, 4.5 MB of data.
My total mail archive is waaaay bigger than that.

Let's do the math for RFCs as an example.
Say an RFC has 5k words. There are 2000 RFCs.
That's already 1M words. 
Note: there are more than 2000 RFCs and some of them
are bigger than 5kwords.
A warning: 1 million words = US$500.000 (for 1 languange).
Do we really want to do that?

> 2. I would like to see ICANN becoming a UN of the Internet

Disagree. IANA did a better job.

[the rest, deleted]

-- budi
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