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RE: Legal Question - Re: [wg-review] Concerns

1/25/01 9:39:58 PM, "Joanna Lane" <jo-uk@rcn.com> wrote:

>Excellent. This is a brilliant example of how it is possible to meet the
>challenge of putting ideas forward in an effective format IMHO. All it needs
>now is some documentary evidence (URLS) to establish a foundation for 
>claims it makes. Then we can use it.

Joana & Eric, 

I've got a few URLs for you:  CORINTHIANS.COM, MADONNA.COM, 
BARCELONA.COM...  And the list goes on and on...

Let's have the snide remark now, I've consigned myself to such rejoinders.   
Seems anything of substance any of us might have to offer is brushed aside 
or ignored anyway.  How about a surprise for a change?   

(Considering that we're here trying to give substance to, and make some 
sense of, the undefined terms that are raining down from on high... I think we 
should be accorded a little more respect.  Let's face it, most of us have 
pretty thick skins... which is not to say the same for our skulls.)


Sotiris Sotiropoulos
          Hermes Network, Inc. 

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