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Re: [wg-review] Re: [council] Further Recommendation on DNSO Review Report version 1.0

Hello All,

First, I want to withdraw my comment regarding the "Review TF report"
which was made during Jan. 24's NC teleconference with sincere apology
to Theresa, Chair of Review Task Force.

[Maca, please withdraw this part from the NC teleconference minutes, too.]

    It is impossible for Review TF to come up with its interim report with
    another two days from now on. That should be posted in the name of
    an individual, Theresa Swinehart instead of Review TF's report which
    doesn't provide proper open and formal channel of discussion among
    the full members and exclude some member's comments upon her own
    decision rather than Review TF''s whole agreement.

If we have only two days(one day, from now on though) until Review TF's
interim report deadline, I should have been more cooperative as a member
of Review TF rather than accuse anybody which is neither productive nor
fair to Chair who has been working hard to come up with DNSO Review
version 1.0 report as of Jan. 21.

I admit I had been a bit emotional in the process of watching discussion
getting heated. Theresa, please accept my apology and I will keep my
word to be cooperative as a member of Review TF and get this group's
mission done under very limted time frame and your guidance as a chair.

Taking this opportunity, I want to appreciate Ken and NC members who
have been patient and tried to accommodate to the requests and motions
from WG-Review regarding "chair" and "its extended working days".

Erica wrote:

> I t might be helpful for us all if you could explain what you see as your
> role (and primary objectives) as the liaison Chair of the WG-Review.

My role will be a "bridge" as what "liaison" implicates literally.
if it is needed, I will deliver some concerns from WG-Review to the NC
and vice versa.

The contribution I wish I could do in this DNSO review process will be
to make all the parties ready to listen to each other and meet somewhere
inbetween and move forward under mutual agreement, if I can be mature
enough to handle this.


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