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Re: [cctld-discuss] Re: [wg-review] Multilingulaism in ICANN

Now there's a non native speaker who can read the by-laws.

In message <>, Vany Martinez w
> ICANN bylaws, state crearly that the official language of ICANN is
> English.  


> Under actual bylaws, all discussions has to be conducted in English.

> Would ICANN be willing to pay for simultaneus translators at
> physical meetings?  I remember that, after Cairo meeting I suggested
> to Ben Edelman remote simultaneus translators for real time scribes
> in physical meetings, through MIRC (or any other IRC
> client/server)...And, the answer in that time was that because it
> would require more expenses and additional equipment that they are
> not willing to pay (more computers and more big screens), it would
> be difficult to implement this new service.

Have a look at the ICANN web site. There is now an Executive Committee
which has approved some 400000 $US for a few months worth of legel
expenses to one single firm.

So, money is obviously no object.

Nevermind that it distracts from the actual problems.


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