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Re: [wg-review] Multilingulaism in ICANN

  i agreed with and supported Pilar's multilingual position when she stated it and feel very strongly that these issues need to be dealt with BUT on a MUCH HIGHER AND MORE ENCOMPASSING  plane than just this WG... (again...my personal view)
i am a participating member of this wg and NOT acting in any position other than that. i am also a member of the NC but there are 19 of us and i don't even set the agendas for the meetings. (it is done by an intake committee of which i am not even a member). how you can perceive this as an abuse of my position is interesting
my comments more closely related to those expressed also by roland meyer on the subject of this toipic.  in addition , i feel that the agenda set for this teleconf is so ambitious as to make it difficult to come away with any concensus based on meaningful and substantive teleconference dialogue due strictly to the time alloted for the conference and the materiality of the issues to be taken up.
i was principally concerned that this issue not be "buried and done with" in just this WG. The multilingual problem, in many ways is one of the KEY CRITICAL  problems which leads to so many of the communication breakdowns so common to the ICANN process. 
doubt me if you wish about the communication gaps i mentioned above but look at the problems in the scheduling of this conference and the most recent e-mail interaction between you and YJ regarding the agenda and you can see why i am so concerned.
ken stubbs
(who is still somewhat confused because he received less than 1 days notice for a CRITICAL teleconference whose original time yet again may have already been informally changed ?????)
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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 11:41 AM
Subject: Re: [wg-review] Multilingulaism in ICANN

At 06:03 AM 1/22/01, Ken Stubbs wrote:
i agree with your agenda and am very disappointed that the wg review
chairman has elected to try to "bury" these important issues in the context
of a DNSO review discussion when this problem clearly exists throughout the
entire ICANN structure (including  all SO's) .

I beg your pardon, Ken? I didn't choose to bring this discussion into WG-Review - the members of this Working Group did. Neither have I nor anyone else ever indicated that this is the only place it should be discussed. Pilar brought the issue up in this WG, and there was an extremely strong sentiment for discussing it here. In response to that interest, and in support of  your post, I brought it forward in the agenda, asked Pilar to summarize what had been discussed, and intend to treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves.

this is a serious mistake

"The outgoing chair of the NC believes it is a serious mistake to respond to the concerns of the members of WG-Review." So noted.

bringing this issue into the wg-review is, in my opinion,  beyond the
mandate and charter of this WG and will only tend to diminish the importance
of this issue as it pertains to ALL ICANN activities, not just DNSO.

That's a curious position, for two reasons. The first is that Pilar brought this topic up here in a serious way, and you say that you agree with her agenda. That's a contradiction. Secondly, the topic is addressed directly in the draft report of the Task Force.  To quote:

"The DNSO should seek to continue efforts increase to ensure global participation for all. Some recommendations to help achieve this objective have been under discussion during the review process"

The reference to supporting documents in the draft report cites this Working Group's discussions. Perhaps you need to take this up with the Task Force, who clearly believe that this is an appropriate topic for DNSO discussion and efforts.

Characterizing this as attempting to "bury" the issue is both incorrect and insulting. I'm getting a bit concerned, Ken, about the nature of your participation, so please help me understand it. First you challenged the poll questions on constituencies, claiming the NC would want to know which constituencies the respondents belong to. You ignored the fact that the questions came from a Names Council task force. Then you attempted to discredit my decision to not join an existing constituency, even though it is based on an agreement with a statement of yours. Now this claim of attempting to bury the multilingual issue, when it has been brought forward in response to both working group interest and your post on the subject. Is this really appropriate behavior on your part?   One might draw the conclusion that you're trying to interfere with the WG, and discredit anything that emerges from it. If that description of your motivation is incorrect, please let us know exactly why you're following this easily discernable pattern of distortion. If it is correct, perhaps you might wish to explain to the board why you need to abuse your position on the NC to do this.


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